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Top 5 Video Girls of the Decade

Here are the top 5 rap video girls of the decade (2000-2010) as rated by complex…

5. Cassie… As seen in countless hit videos for good reason. Catch the rest and the full gallery of over 50 high resolution images after the jump.

4. Stacey Dash – Hittin 40 years old and still a relevant hip hop vixen. You cant forget Stacey from Carl Thomas – “Emotional,” Kanye West – “All Falls Down,” Marques Houston – “Favorite Girl” and many many more.

3. Angel Lola Luv – You’ve seen her in Young Jeezy – “I Luv It,” 50 Cent – “I Get Money,” Kanye West – “Good Life,” Ludacris – “One More Drink,” Wale – “Nike Boots” and of course countless more. Lola was born in Ethiopia and raised in D.C., Lola has been one of the go-to girl’s in rap music videos for the past several years, which among the profession is saying alot, and is quite an achievement as normally this is a particularly short-lived career field. Of course, she’s not content with us just obsessing over her assets, she wants to rap too. I have heard what i’ve heard and i wont be copping her album, but if she gets a big budget and makes a music video, im sure we’ll all watch it.

2. K. D. Aubert – As Seen in The following Rap Music Videos: Nick Cannon – “Your Pops Don’t Like Me”, Lloyd Banks – “Karma”, Fabolous – “So Into You,”
K.D. is one of the hottest and most successful video girls ever. She was first discovered while working at Macy’s and since she’s done tons of very legitimate modeling work and scored a good amount of movie roles too. Round of applause for her.

1. Melyssa Ford – As seen in the following Rap/HipHop Music Videos: Ghostface Killah – “Cherchez La Ghost”, Jay-Z – “Big Pimpin”, Mystikal -“Shake Ya Ass”, Jadakiss – “Knock Yourself Out”, Usher – “Yeah!” Melyssa has been working it since the late ’90s. She is from Canada and she is pretty much the first to make the term “Video Vixen” a real career path. Noone can hate on how she parlayed booty bouncing and pu$$y poppin into the mainstream television we used to see on MTV and BET. Shes also made herself a television career and film career but will most likely be best remembered for her Jessica Rabbit curves.

And lastly, i leave you with a copious gallery of pictures of all these video vixens, surely a timeless classic of the tens.

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