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Mixtape Review: Joe Moses – All Out



Mixtape Review of Joe Moses – All Out, courtesy of Luke McCormick


South Central native Joe Moses comes out hard in the middle of the summer, trying to grab his own piece of the West Coast rap popularity pie. Moses first popped onto most listeners’ radars two summers ago with WHOOP!, a collab with the internet’s favorite lady killin’ crooner Ty Dolla $ign. But he’s been relatively quiet since then, failing to cash in on the red hot Los Angeles scene. So on All Out, Moses is back, looking to get a piece of that pie.


First things first, All Out relies heavily on guest spots. Only five of the tape’s tracks feature only Joe Moses; everything else a guest verse or an assist on the hook. It’s confusing given how many of these artists are question marks. Googling Baby Punch (who shows up on “VS”) got me a bunch of YouTube clips of Will Ferrell in fact punching a baby in the middling comedy The Campaign. Not really the greatest look!


Weirdly, Moses is a long-time member of Brick Squad Monopoly, yet nobody from that squad appears on All Out. A strong connection between Los Angeles and Atlanta could be incredibly profitable for a rapper’s popularity right now, but Moses rides his West coast connections throughout this tape. The beats, all full of DJ Mustard booty clap snaps (sans DJ Mustard) and the guest spots full of California cohorts.


The other odd thing about All Out‘s many features is that Joe Moses has no problem handling solo tracks himself. He can do the dirty like his guy Dolla $ign with “One of Them Bitches”, a laundry list of types of ladies he knows. They range from bitches who “ride the Greyhound” to those that don’t mind if he “lick between your ass” when he’s drunk. Very on topic right now in the hip-hop community. He can also turn things up like on “Fuck Da Police” which of course deals with him not dealing with the boys in blue. Moses states he doesn’t want to have to “Tony Romo niggas”, someone please pick up and run with that.


Moses uses up two of his big guns on the same track, “For A Real 1″, with old bruh Ty Dolla $ign and Rack City’s own Tyga hopping on the Bugsy produced track. Dolla $ign gets the hook on the could have been his own slow rolling, buzzing bass line beat. Everyone is getting nasty here. Moses comes through asking “you like to french kiss? Here’s my wee wee”. Putting both of these guys on the same track, instead of spreading them throughout the tape’s 17 songs makes sense if this jam is supposed to bust off the tape, maybe get some radio play. It certainly has the feel of other Dolla co-$igned hits.


While All Out might not be the tape to bust through and put Joe Moses in the upper tier of his peers like YG or Tyga, it is one of the most cohesive tapes he has put out. With skits and a tracklist under 20, this latest project is an easy listen. He has started to shine on the jams that are just his. It might just take a few more heaters of his own, developing his own unique voice, before he’s just “that second rapper” on a Ty Dolla $ign track.


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