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Mixtape Review: Casino – Casino Royale

August 29th, 2014 No comments



Mixtape Review of Casino – Casino Royale courtesy of Meaghan Garvey

Earlier this year, a brotherly prank landed Casino on the tail end of one of the year’s best songs. Unbeknownst to his big brother, Future, he playfully snuck a verse on the end of the Pro Tools session for his star-powered single “Move That Dope”; ultimately, Future decided to leave them on the album version (a wise choice—I’d still argue that Casino stole the song). It was by far the biggest look of the Freeband Gang underdog’s career, but even without the benefit of fam in high places, Casino has the skills to back it up. His debut mixtape, 2013’s Ex Drug Dealer, was exhaustingly long but showed glimmers of obvious potential—in particular, “Killin It,” an absolute steamroller of a track that presented Casino as something of a less lyrical (but just as potent) Gunplay to Future’s Rick Ross.


It was February’s FrankMatthews, though, that cemented Casino as a force to be reckoned with. Any concerns raised on Ex Drug Dealer—that he was one-note, that he poured all his energy into volume and neglected his lyrics—were effectively addressed here. Of course, 2014 Casino is still by no means a traditional lyricist; his style is somewhere between Lil Jon’s crunk catharsis and Future’s emotionally evocative vocal gymnastics. But on Frank Matthews, he’d clearly invested more effort into his lyricism, though he still favored Read more…

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