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Jeezy Joins Twitter; Informs the World, TM103 is Done

May 18th, 2011 No comments

At exactly 1:30 pm today, Jeezy tweeted that Thug Motivation 103 is done, and will be dropping this summer… No official release date yet though.

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Viacom rejects Game’s “Red Nation” Video

May 10th, 2011 No comments

The game’s video shot with Lil Wayne for the song Red Nation wont be premiering on Cables two biggest music channels.. According to what Game aired out on his twitter, Viacom will not be playing his video due to the heavy gang affiliation and use of “Red”…

Here are the tweets:

So BET “BANNED” the #REDNation video !!!!! Said me & @liltunechi were too gang affiliated in it. Thoughts ? This just in: the video so HARD it just got “BANNED” from MtV too ha ha ha ha….FUCK IT !!!! I’m premering it on Thursday online MYSELF !!! Guess ya single gotta be called “Bubble Gum” to get love ha ha ha….#REDNation premiering on AOL, Vivo & Worldstar Thursday.#bannedFromTV Who needs the they tube when you got “” Thank you BET & MTV for banning my #Rednation video. Sincerely, @thegame

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Jay-Z & Will Smith’s Film Venture to Remake Annie

January 26th, 2011 No comments

In the latest shockingly strange news to make its way out, Jay-Z and Will Smith plan to join forces (or budgets) to re-make the classic movie “Annie” with an unexpected turn, Annie will no longer be a white girl with curly red ringlets of hair, she’ll rather be of African American decent.

Willl Smith, Jada Pinkett-Smith and their partners at Overbrook Entertainment have formed a joint-venture with Shawn “Jay-Z” Carter to develop and produce major motion pictures. First up? A remake of the Broadway musical “Annie,” in which Will and Jada’s daughter, Willow — who recently signed to Jay-Z’s Roc Nation label — will star in.

So their son was the Karate Kid, now their Daughter is Annie…. maybe there next kid will be Indiana Jones or Marty McFly.

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Game spends 24 hours trying to finish “400 Bars” Mixtape

April 15th, 2010 No comments


According to Game’ latest twittage, about 7 hours ago, he got done with a 24 hours session trying to wrap up his upcoming “400 Bars” Mixtape offering. Details on the project, and tracks slated to appear on it have yet to be leaked. The twitter status also alludes to the upcoming Red Room project he’s working on with Dj Drama… Which ones coming first? My bets on the Dj Drama tape.

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Def Jux: The End Of An Era…

February 3rd, 2010 No comments


Dear Inter-web, fans, friends and JUX family,

People keep asking me what’s up with JUX. There’s been some talk, there have been some rumors. Some half true, some way off. Reports of our demise have been mildly exaggerated. Here’s what it really all boils down to:

This year, a decade after starting DEF JUX and after overseeing the releases of some incredible albums including the forthcoming release of my dear late and great friend Camu Tao’s brilliant “KING OF HEARTS” LP, I’m stepping away from my duties as artistic director for the label to concentrate on what I love most: being a producer and an artist full time. This is something I’ve been contemplating for a few years now, and can’t think of a better time or, with the eventual release of Camu’s record, a more poetic way to transition into a new direction.

This means change for JUX. Of course we’ll still have our website, we will still sell our catalog, merch and more as well as bring you news and updates on all our projects and artists. We will be releasing “KING OF HEARTS”, a DEF JUX remix compilation, a 10 year anniversary retrospective and some other goodies. But then as a traditional record label DEF JUX will effectively be put on hiatus. We are not closing, but we are changing. The process is already underway, and the last several months (for those wondering what the hell we’ve been up to) have been spent dealing with the technical aspects of wrapping up the label in it’s current form and re-imagining our collective and individual futures.

In 2000 starting a traditional record label made a lot of sense. But now, in 2010, less so and I find myself yearning for something else to put my energy into. I also see newer, smarter, more interesting things on the horizon for the way art and commerce intersect, and as an artist and an entrepreneur, I’m eager to see them unfold. The evolution of this industry is, in my opinion, exciting, inevitable and it would be nice to see the DEFINITIVE JUX brand be a part of it. In other words, maybe we can turn this hoopty in to a hovercraft.

All business aside, and regardless of what form JUX may inevitably take, my focus for the immediate future is going to be back-to-basics. The fun stuff: sitting in the studio and immersing myself in music, performing it for for my fans when the time comes and whatever (or wherever) else might be out there creatively for me. Thats how it all started and that’s how the next phase will begin. The days of me dedicating the majority of my time and energy into providing JUX with a constant stream of physical releases from multiple artists are on hold for the time being. My heart (and what little common sense I possess) is telling me to simplify my focus and it has always been my policy to listen to my heart.

Truly, DEF JUX has been amazing to be a part of. So many good people. So much fun. I feel very lucky to be friends and collaborators with people who have affected and continue to affect my life and work deeply and indelibly. Working with the likes of Amaechi Uzoigwe, Jesse Ferguson, Jason Drake, and Katy Eustis at JUX as well as allies like Kathryn Frazier (biz3), Michael Bull and Lisa Socransky-Austin (to name only a few) has been incredible. These are people who worked for generally meager wages because they loved what they did and they believed in the artists and the idea of DEF JUX. Anyone would be lucky to have worked with even one person as dedicated and passionate as all of them are. They are true champions of indie music and they (and too many others to mention here) have my gratitude and loyalty forever.

None of it would have existed, though, if not for the artists. Artists who rolled the dice on us the same way we did on them, and were there with us as we battled it all out. CAMU, MR LIF, AESOP ROCK, MURS, CAGE, ROB SONIC, HANGAR 18, CHIN CHIN, CANNIBAL OX, THE PERCEPTIONISTS, RJD2, DESPOT, SA SMASH, YAK BALLZ, CRAYZ, THE MIGHTY UNDERDOGS, DIZZEE RASCAL, DEL, P.F.A.C, ACTIVATOR, COOL CALM PETE … the list goes on. I consider them all geniuses at what they do. Every victory that they have had and will have will always feel like a victory for myself and all of us at JUX. It’s been a joy to create and even struggle with them all. It has not always been easy, but it’s almost always been fulfilling. I only hope the work we put in together helped build a path to their collective futures. They have my sincerest well wishes and genuine respect.

Lastly and most importantly are the fans… holy shit THE FANS! Our fans are no joke. I can’t tell you how humbled I am to have felt the love and respect that they have shown us all. Even when we did things they didn’t like, they stuck around. This was their label as much as ours. We answered to them, and yet they respected that we did what we loved, nothing more and nothing less. We always will. You are why we do any of this, and I’ll never be able to express how much your support means to all of us. I think I speak for all of us Jukies when I say I love making music for you and can’t wait to make more.

Until then, on behalf of everyone here at JUX and from the bottom of my heart, thank you.

Founder/Artistic Director/Recording Artist

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Wyclef Jean: The Haiti Eathquake… Is Apocalypse (Video)

January 15th, 2010 No comments

Wow this is effing crazy… Wyclef spent his day picking up dead bodies, and he says the count of dead people has go to be in the range of 400-500k instead of the 100k that is being announced. He pleads for Obama to call for a state of emergency to help Haiti. Wyclef calls it the Apocalypse. The numbers could be even worse than that. If you would like to know how to donate to the Relief effort. Visit my previous post on Haiti.

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Update: Jay Electronica x Fabolous Mixtapes

December 27th, 2009 No comments


Rap fans are getting a lump of coal for Christmas. Just Blaze says Jay Electronica’s Act II isn’t coming today, but they told Tony Touch two days ago it’d be here before NYE.

After the jump, Fab explains why you’ll have to wait till January for There Is No Competition 2: The Funeral Service with DJ Drama.

Read more…

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News: The Cleveland Show (24hrs away)

November 30th, 2009 No comments

Was just peepin and was reminded of the Mick Boogie, Terry Urban project with Chip Tha Ripper features called “Cleveland Show” release. Its slated to drop in less than 24 hours!

Picture 3

Remember to visit LiveMixTapes Props to DJ E-V &

Here’s the Artwork again:

Previously: Chip Tha Ripper – Get Down

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Video: Curtis Interview w/ ABC 7 News

November 9th, 2009 No comments

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